Covid-19 Coronavirus update


Since the outbreak of Covid-19, T&T Facades has been carefully adhering to the government guidelines and those of the Construction Leadership Council to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and suppliers.

As the virus has evolved and guidelines have been updated, we have needed to adapt our working practices. Below is an update of our initial statement.

Remote working

A significant part of our pre-lockdown preparation was extending the systems and processes we already had in place to enable our staff to work from home and remotely as required.  When working remotely, our teams have full access to all our IT systems – as though they were sat at their desk in our office. This technology served us very well during the first full national lockdown enabling the business to continue as ‘near normal’ as possible and continue to communicate effectively with clients and each other.

As the construction sector has been deemed essential by the government to keeping the country operating we will remain open and fully operational during this second lockdown period (November 5th – December 2nd) ensuring however we continue to follow all industry (CLC) and H&S guidelines. This will continue post December 2nd unless the government issues further mandates.

Health and well-being

We continue to send regular updates to our teams, following the guidelines issued by the Government and various health organisations. A small number of our vulnerable staff are still shielding with the full support of the business.

From the beginning of September we were able to ease the majority of our office workers back to our Fareham office having first put in the required safety measures which includes hand sanitisers and temperature checks on entry to the office, perspex screens between desks, re-positioning of desks to enable social distancing, regular deep cleaning, reducing face to face meetings and contact etc.

Phones and our switchboard

Our main office number (01329 889408) is manned during our standard office opening times (Mon-Fri, 8am-5.30pm). For enquiries outside of office hours please email [email protected] or speak to your usual contact directly.


Where possible we encourage electronic communication, but we acknowledge that there are certain documents that can only be sent by post. Our office is fully open to accept post in accordance with our standard office opening times (Mon-Fri, 8am-5.30pm).

Our project sites

In accordance with the latest government mandate and guidelines, all our project sites are open, ensuring strict conformity with industry (CLC) and H&S guidelines, also adhering to the social distancing rules.

This of course is reviewed regularly in line with the regular government updates and the policies and decisions of our main contractor clients.

We are in close communication with our supply chain partners to keep them updated of our current situation.

Next steps

We are monitoring the fast-moving situation closely. We will ensure that we respond quickly, sensibly, and appropriately to any developments. We will update you all again if we have further substantial updates, but please do contact your main contact here if you have any concerns about your specific circumstances.

Tel: 01329 889408 / email: [email protected]